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General Engineering

General Engineering.

Design flexibility and close tolerance net shape capability of the process offers a cost effective alternative to conventional manufacturing methods.
The range of materials which can be cast by the investment casting process, together with the ability to produce parts which require little or no subsequent machining, makes the process suitable for most industries. The process is capable of handling high or low volume production runs, but of course the higher the volume, the greater the cost effectiveness.

Valve components are a particularly good application, where complex shapes in, for instance, stainless steel alloys can be produced, with the intrinsic high integrity of investment casting.
  • Mechanical handling.  Controls and linkages.
  • Oil drilling and exploration.  Detailed constructional parts.
  • Food processing.  Stainless steel alloys accept a high polish for hygienic applications.
  • Fluid handling. High integrity castings for valve components.
  • Freedom of design and choice of materials in producing components requiring minimal machining.
  • Medical.  Stainless steel alloys are used for surgical tools and instruments including medical implants

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